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Perspectives for Clergy: Honoring Older Adults and Caregivers

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There is a historical demographic shift underway in America. By 2035, the U.S. Census Bureau predicts the 65-and-older population will outnumber people 18 and younger. What impact will an aging America have on faith communities and the people they serve? What do clergy members, spiritual leaders, faith community nurses, health ministers and others in ministry need to know to care for congregants, family, neighbors and themselves?

Attend the Perspectives for Clergy: Honoring Older Adults and Caregivers seminar to hear from experienced gerontologists, researchers, ministers and others about the intersection of faith, health and the aging process.

Discover ways to care for family affected by dementia. Community service professionals also will help participants discover resources and how to access them. Find out how telling your personal story affects your aging experiences. And what is needed to maximize the power of a spiritual presence while walking with older adults?

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