19th Annual Nixon Virtual Lectureship: Repurposing Drugs for Oncology

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Repurposing is a drug development strategy that seeks to use existing medications for new indications. While drug repurposing is not new, by the time there’s evidence of a new use, it’s already off-patient, so drug companies have little or no financial incentive to investigate its potential to prevent or treat other diseases. Exploration has been left largely to nonprofit organizations, providers and even patients themselves.

Given the enormous cost of developing new drugs, some organizations and practitioners are championing the cause of drug repurposing in attempts to get new, affordable treatments to patients as quickly as possible. 

Learning objectives

  1. Understand the advantages of repurposing drugs for oncology.
  2. Identify at least three drugs that have been repurposed for oncology, along with their mechanisms of action.
  3. Understand how the concept of “Maximum Tolerated Dose” chemotherapy began.

Computer or mobile device with internet and an email address are required. Registered participants will receive a Zoom link. Those who wish to apply for CME/CE credits will receive evaluation information and materials via email after the event.







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